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Bad Eidas certificate found in header. Unable to decode certificate. Could not parse certificate: java.io.IOException: Empty input
Access to this resource is restricted and only allowed to authenticated users. You must install a client certificate in your browser to access this protected resource.

For the purpose of identification, payment service providers rely on qualified certificates for website authentication. The certificate must be a valid QWac eIDAS certificate respecting the ETSI TS 119 495 technical specification defining the roles granted to the certificate owner:

  • Account servicing (PSP_AS)
  • Payment initiation (PSP_PI)
  • Account information (PSP_AI)
  • Issuing of card-based payment(PSP_IC)
For more information:

ETSI TS 119 495: Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Sector Specific Requirements; Qualified Certificate Profiles and TSP Policy Requirements under the payment services Directive (EU) 2015/2366 https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_ts/119400_119499/119495/01.02.01_60/ts_119495v010201p.pdf